Quarx Raw Materials and Packaging

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quarx Raw Materials and Packaging

It all began with…………..

the Chairman of our company Mr. Clyde D’ Costa, a visionary and the architect of the Clyde Group of Companies, one of the foremost names in the business world. His vision of creating a company dedicated to the supply of quality Raw Materials and production of Packaging materials has found its fruition with the inception of Quarx Raw Materials and Packaging in 2010.

The name “Quarks” has been taken from Physics and has been tweaked to “Quarx” as a reflection of the companies “wow” factor.

The idea behind this name is quiet fascinating. A Quark is an elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter. In other words it is the building block of all the matter in the universe or the Raw Material for the Universe. We being a Raw Materials company found it apt in adopting this name.

The company is based in Mysore and is expanding rapidly throughout the country. Soon we hope to become one of the leading players in this field globally.

We believe that only the best is good enough. So we focus more on the quality of the materials we produce and sell.

The Mission

“To be the premier provider of targeted, specialized raw materials and packaging materials and its related services in all markets”

We believe in building and running the business in accordance with the moral values that the company believes in that includes honesty, trust and working together.

We want to be the best in our field and we are going to be within a short time and we believe that you don’t have to be evil to be the best. Respecting and obeying the local laws, regulations and practicing moral values will take us a long way in the future.

Moving to the future

The Future……delivered now, Sounds great isn’t it? Well of course it does. Who doesn’t like the future? It appears everybody likes it, because we assume the future to be always better than what we have now or where we are now.

We promise our customers the products of the future. No, we don’t have a time machine, but we have our incredible Research and Development team which ensures that the best and the most unique ideas come to production.

The situation facing all companies is that they are pressured from many quarters – by consumers, customers and competitors. Quarx meets this challenge with a determination to bind consumers, producers and retailers even closer to the organization.

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